Instruction Manual

Dear Customer,

Thanks for your choice Henry International Brand for your best life.

Please read these instruction carefully in order to gain optimal use of your products.



In the interest of safety and hygiene please ensure that your product is cleaned with warm water and washing-up liquid prior to initial use.

To achieve the best results from your product, pre-fill before use with warm water for hot drinks and cold water for chilled drinks, never use microwave or conventional ovens for this purpose.

In your product has not been used for some time, rinse with warm water to remove any residual odour’s.

Your product should not be over-filled. Remember to leave sufficient space in the neck to fit the stopper.

After filling, ensure that both the outside cup and stopper are always tightly closed.



Using warm water and washing-up liquid clean your products after use, removing all traces of food.

Do not fully immerse in water. Dry thoroughly after leaving it to drain. Store with the stopper off .


Do not put your production a dishwasher.

For excessive attaining use of household stain or scale remover is recommended. To remove difficult stains fill your product with hot water, add one teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda and secure cap. Soaking over might produces excellent result. Always rinse before re-uses.


Avoid abrasives, solvents and bleach products.

Keep your product away from direct heat to protect any plastic material from damage.

Do not store dry ice or any carbonated drink as they may cause the stopper to eject forcefully.

This product must not used for keeping milk products or baby food warm or cool (possibility of bacterial growth).

To prevent scalding always pour contents into a cup and do not drink directly from the product.

Keep out of reach of children.